National Science Foundation, Grant No. SES-1559273, $290,716, March 1, 2016 through February 28, 2019 (Role: PI)


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Working Papers

The Impact of Business Cycle Conditions on Firm Dynamics and Composition (May 2022) [Conditionally accepted at the Journal of Economic History]

The Power of Connections: Colonialism, Nationalism, and Corporate Performance in Egypt, 1890–1950 (July 2022) [with Mohamed Saleh] [Under Review]

Legal Origins of Corporate Governance: Choice of Law in Egypt, 1887–1913 (February 2022) [Revision requested at the Economic History Review]

The Demand for Extraterritoriality: Religious Minorities in Nineteenth-Century Egypt, CEPR DP16431 (August 2021) [with Mohamed Saleh] [Revision requested at the Journal of Economic History]

Legal Pluralism, Contracts, and Trade in the Ottoman Empire (September 2019)
Mentions: Marginal Revolution